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Exploring the business, strategies and tools that help us be awesome dog dads.

Luna (my English Bulldog) and me (Lee Parker) - furrimals
Luna (my English Bulldog) and me

Hey, I'm Lee! I'm a writer, maker, and most importantly, a dog dad.

I love to help other dog dads improve their craft. And I believe the path of least resistance is to learn from others – you don't need to do it alone.

So I started Furrimals to be your digital friend, mentor, and community along that path.

Furrimals is an independent publication dedicated to exploring the business, strategies and tools that help us be awesome dog dads. Its main goal is to be a resource for dog dads to motivate, inspire – and have fun. You'll find:

  • Stories and insights from across the web
  • An inside look at my own journey
  • Encouragement when things get tough
  • Weirdly addictive stuff for dogs and people

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I'm here to help you improve your craft as a dog dad

And if you're curious to know why I care...

I struggled to be a dog dad

Furimals was born from my own personal journey. I had this story that I would tell myself that I wasn't a good dog dad. I couldn't train my Bulldog, I couldn't control her, and so I couldn't be a good dog dad.

Imposter syndrome!

That belief really sucked, because it evolved into an unruly obsession.

Until one day, I told myself that being a dog dad should be a fun, joyous, and exciting experience. After all, I had decided to share my life with another being, so I better make it work.

So to prove to myself that I WAS a great dog dad, I decided to create Furrimals – so I can publish my own experiences, struggles, and successes. I'm thinking of it as a tech retrospective where I can look back at what worked, and what didn't.

The BIG difference is that it's for the whole web to see. But I'm okay with that, as I hope by doing so will give others who might be feeling the same as I did, the digital mentor and motivation that I needed.

Dog dads are modern rockstars

When I was a kid, our family dog Tilly - a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - was the centre of my attention.

I remember asking my parents "can we get a dog please, I'll look after it, I'll do everything", knowing deep down that I probably wouldn't. They caved in eventually.


I'm sure many of you reading this could relate. That lifestyle was and probably still is available to most of the younger generations.

But looking back, I feel terrible knowing how challenging it can be to be a dog parent.

Fast forward to the 21st century, where I'm independent, and accelerated by a global pandemic, where it's normal to work from home – there's been a huge increase of single dog parents, also known as dog dads or dog mums.

This is Luna my English Bulldog - furrimals
This is Luna my English Bulldog

That's where Luna comes in. Luna is my (at the time of writing) 2-year-old English Bulldog. Although she looks like a bruiser, she's the softest - and coolest - best friend I could have asked for.

... yet she's is as stubborn as a rock 😅

Not to discredit any of the hard work our parents did in our earlier years, but as single dog dogs – we are truly modern rockstars.

I love the term dog dad because it's so flexible. If you identify as a dog dad, then you are a dog dad. ANYONE can be a dog dad.

But listen here, dog dad. I want to be honest with you:

Being a dog dad is a lot of hard work

I can't teach you to become a dog dad with a pre-recorded course.

Becoming a dog dad takes a lot of time. The best way I can help you is with an ongoing relationship - through the stories and insights I share on Furrimals, as well as the Sunday Scoop email.

Let's be awesome dog dads together.

A word on ethics

My goal is to be a truly independent publisher, so this site covers everything from tips & guidance to the hottest dog products, reviews and comparisons too.

With that said, i'm no expert. furrimals.com is not a medical resource. Do not disregard advice from a professional veterinarian because of something you read here.

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